Our Sh'bam 11 Launch tops!!

blue & silver stars.jpegwhite & silver stripes.jpeg
Check out the outfit selections presentation! What are your top two selections?

Top we bought for Pump, Step, Attack & Flow Launch!!
Universal top.jpg
On sale for $30.00

Les Mills Skort -
Les Mills skirt 55.jpg

Sh'bam 11 - Clothes :) Just added a few things I found so far!

swirl top 3299.jpg
skirt 18.jpg
gia mia hip hop pants 2999.jpg
Dancer leggings 20.jpg
Adidas grey 25.jpg
$34.99 @

Here is our "NEW" Sh'Bam Launch Top!

zipup halter hoodie 2195.jpg

Some of us also purchased this cute lil' top!!!

Animal Print Dance Tee 1795.jpg

Here some of the answers from the Sh'Bam Survey to help with sizing:

Websites with a bunch of cute tops/bottoms, accessories, etc.... for Sh'bam or Jam :)